Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Paul Abbott brings cop comedy drama to Channel 4

Hot on the heels of BBC One's announcement last week, Channel 4 has thrown its hat into the drama series ring with a new commission from the 'Utopia' broadcaster, announced yesterday (Tuesday 14th May) by chief creative office Jay Hunt.

The BAFTA winning Paul Abbott is heading up an eight part comedy drama, 'No Offence'. Centring on a police station on 'the wrong side of Manchester', it promises to be sharp, shocking, funny and a fresh take on the police procedural. If he manages that then hats off, but looking at Abbott's CV - Shameless, State of Play, Clocking Off - then it seems a fair bet he'll do just that.

According to The Independent, Abbott's recently concluded 'Shameless' - also on Channel 4 - spawned a US remake and C4 is hoping for similar overseas success with 'No Offence'. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Confession time: I've never even seen a single episode of 'Shameless', but I was a big fan of 'State of Play' - which too led to a overseas remake, only in film form. While 'No Offence' clearly will be closer in tone to Shameless than SOP, that's enough for me to rub my TV watching hands with expectation. Or something like that. 'TV watching hands'? You don't get word combinations like that on other blogs. And yes that is a selling point for this blog. Honest guv. 

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