Sunday, 14 July 2013

Frankie: Cut off in its prime

How about a drama with strong female lead characters, written by a woman and not based around crime? You know, one set in contemporary Britain with no corsets in sight?
Sounds good, eh? Well it was. It was Frankie.
Starring Eve Myles and written by Lucy Gannon, Frankie dealt with a larger than life district nurse who got so involved with her work she frequently bent the rules and incurred the wrath of local GP Dr Evans, brilliantly played by Jemma Redgrave. There was a complicated (increasingly so) private life, memorable colleagues and stories that dealt with things that average everyday viewers could easily face in their lives, like dementure, ill health...and absolutely no serial killers.
Trouble is, there will be no series 2. Lucy Gannon tweeted one evening to confirm the news and I for one was surprised and a bit gutted. But maybe I'm a naive fool. Why naive? We've seen it all before – TV shows cancelled before they should have been. There have been tons of them, in fact I could write a list...
The Tripods
I'm delving way into the past here – the 1980s! – but this trilogy of books by John Christopher - covering a human race dominated by aliens – got to series two, but then they cancelled it before they filmed the final, concluding (final *and* concluding) series. I used to have dreams about hiding in houses from these three-legged swines and upon news of the cancellation I harped on to the BBC about it as a child to such a degree that they sent one of the producers to my school to chat about the series. That did sweeten the pill I must admit and now makes me wonder whether they do this for every complaint about a cancelled show? There's only one way to find out.
Star Cops
Sticking with the '80s and sci-fi this series may have been let down by shoddy effects, but Star Cops lived up to its 'what it says on the tin' premise, essentially transplanting a police procedural into space. Created by Blakes 7 and Dr Who scribe Chris Boucher, the lead was played by one David Calder. The scripts were funny, the plots were intriguing...and it was canned after one series. Rude.
The Hour
I've banged on about The Hour being cancelled after two series on this blog post here. If you enjoy rambling complaints, randomly linking great white sharks with the aforementioned show, then you really should click here.

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