Tuesday, 13 May 2014

About me

In short: I've been writing for money for over a decade, in the worlds of bicycles, power tools & DIY and video games.

You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JonHarker and Linked In

Slightly longer version: I've spent over a decade in the world of newspapers and magazines. I'm the current editor of Torque Magazine and am also freelancing in the cycle world. Prior to that I was editor of UK trade mag and site BikeBiz for eight years. That followed a stint as deputy editor of UK video game mag MCV and two years heading the in-house trade mag of the official UK Xbox distributor.

Even longer version, in the unlikely event you want one:
 For me, it's always been about writing. One of my earliest writing memories is skipping PE lessons at the age of eight to finish off a convoluted science fiction space opera, which has since 'sadly' been lost.

I went on to gain a degree in English and after an office job or two I gravitated back to the world of writing and publishing at a local newspaper, where I worked in the distribution office, checking up on newspaper deliverers. A couple of years later and I landed my first job writing words for actual money – editing an in-house magazine for the UK's official Xbox distributor.

Sticking with the video games world, I became deputy editor of business to business title MCV. Soon after I grabbed the chance to become editor of bicycle industry mag and website BikeBiz (with the same publisher) tackling topics like British manufacturing, the survival of local independent shops, government commitment to cycling and plenty more. Most recently I joined Torque Magazine as editor.