Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Watching a TV show being filmed is fun. Would I Lie To You?

There’s an indisputable thrill in the air around a TV recording. You know this because the first instinct of the audience is to produce a respectable hush as if they were in a theatre, which is a shame as that’s the opposite of what the producer wants, but it keeps warm up men and women in business.

The other thing about TV recordings is they take quite a bit longer than you’d expect. I write this assuming you’ve not been to one. At the recording of this week’s episode of the BBC’s Would I Lie To You we were sat in there, way back in March, for a good few hours, all in order for the production team to get 30 minutes together for the broadcast. It’s jarring, when you’re used to the short and snappily edited version on the TV, but you do feel like you get your money’s worth. Not that you pay to go along and be in the audience for TV shows in the main, but you get the point...

It’s also pretty fascinating to see the process of recording. The retakes and the inevitable larking around make you feel like you’re in a special little club where you’re privy to off-camera shenanigans. The performers make a good fist of including you in that.

Speaking of which, it’s always exciting to see celebrities in the flesh, with all the inevitable “isn’t he taller/shorter/better looking than he appears on TV”.

And then there’s the worry about what you might look like on camera. There aren’t a lot of audience shots in Would I Lie To You, but I ‘look forward’ to the back of my thinning almost-bald spot being broadcast to the nation on Friday.

Hairstute-fears aside, if you haven’t gone along to see a TV Show recorded, I’d recommend it. Though if you’re going to see a long show like Strictly then you might want to take a particularly comfortable (yet covert) cushion.   

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